My experience of 42nd Street

“I am 19 years old I have been coming to 42nd Street for nearly 3 years. I first started coming here because I felt like I needed someone to talk to. I came for a meeting and then I received a letter a week later saying I need to come back to see my assigned worker. I come to 42nd Street all the time even when I don’t have meetings with my worker. I have met a lot of different people by coming to 42nd Street. 42nd Street have residentials that they do, the last one I went on was an outdoor adventure course. There were some team tasks as well like problem solving, kayaking, archery etc.

42nd Street was based at the swan buildings for roughly 15 years, there was a summer programme held in 2011. 42nd Street ran a group around young people that helped young people have their say in how the new building would look and still feel like a young person’s space. One of the great ideas that some of the young people had been the one to one rooms; all the rooms are named after the different planets. The inside of the rooms are also different some are calm, some are loud. We all had a say with having a chalk board in the main hall way as you come in to the building it is a place where people can doodle on when they feel like it.

During my time at 42nd Street I have had lots of opportunities like I have just recently had a day at MMU (Manchester Metropolitan University) helping staff members on selecting students for social work studies. I have also helped hold a workshop around helping 42nd Sreet build their profile. I have also been elected for the Manchester youth council. What I do is listen to the young people who access the service of 42nd Street and any concerns they have bout 42nd Street I talk to the youth council meetings and put all the views across.”

(Young Man)

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